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When your GREEN ECO extension and home become one...

If you are looking to add more style to your lifestyle, nothing comes close to the GREEN ECO Harlington Conservatory by Green Eco Living. With its magnificent exterior, the first impression will be of superbly constructed elegance, and the lasting impression will be of an investment well made.

With the GREEN ECO Harlington Conservatory you have at your disposal an exceptional range of design options, each giving you the ability to stamp your own personality on every aspect.

Design options include multiple wide or narrow columns sitting on or off plinths, topped with the Classic Cornice outside, internally insulated with LivinRoom, featuring a LivinROOF Conservatory Roof , warmed by radiant panel heaters and illuminated by LivinLight.

Whether you’re seeking a minimalist look or want to maximise the wow factor, you’ll have every opportunity to create a stunning GREEN ECO Harlington to suit your budget.

GREEN ECO Harlington can also help you turn down the cost of winter heating with a LivinROOF Conservatory Roof. GREEN ECO's integrated electric panel radiant heaters fit seamlessly in to the full height of the wide column corner and each one provides more than half the heat you’ll need in winter, so you won’t be floored by a big heating bill.

Wirelessly controlled, the radiators are available in enamel white or textured black.

A modern twist on a traditional orangery design...

The GREEN ECO Harlington can deliver the look and feel of a traditional orangery with superior thermal performance and faster installation times.

The earliest versions of orangeries often had large windows inserted into masonry walls and used a cassette deck and lantern as a roofing system. To this day the same design is quite often used.

The GREEN ECO Harlington replaces masonry piers with super insulated GREEN ECO Harlington columns, up to five times more thermally efficient than brick.

It replaces the costly cassette deck and lantern roof with the contemporary Ultraframe Classic Roof and delivers the same orangery look using the LivinRoom on the inside and the Classic Cornice on the outside. A better, warmer, less costly solution.

The GREEN ECO Harlington incorporates the LivinRoom perimeter ceiling, which, as well as vastly improving the thermal properties of the GREEN ECO Harlington, looks elegant inside. This gives you the striking orangery design but with far superior thermal performance than the traditional method of orangery delivery. Your chosen retailer will take responsibility for Building Regulation compliance when doors are being removed between the existing and your GREEN ECO Harlington.